Flavoured Ice Cubes

Inspired by my lovely mum, who freezes slices of lemon to pop into drinks in the summer months, I thought it might be fun to try making my own flavoured ice cubes. I love making myself a glass of elderflower fizz with mint leaves and a squeeze of lemon on hot days and this speedy trick is a great way to get these flavours.

Simply slice a lemon and cut each slice into tiny sections, placing these into the bottom of ice trays, also adding little cuttings of mint into some. Then top with water and freeze overnight.

I also made my daily iced coffee, but this time in a jug, pouring it into ice cubes trays.

This is great for making iced coffee as these frozen cubes won't dilute the drink towards the end as normal ice cubes do.

#ice #hotdays #summer #summersolutions #lemonandmint #summerdrinks #icedcoffee

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