The Best of Benefit

I've always been a fan of Benefit Cosmetics, even if partly just for the gorgeous packaging. After getting through box after box, I just keep going back! And yes there definitely was a 'hoard all of the empties' phase. Some of these are my absolute daily must-haves and others I try to save for when there's a little bit more 'prep' time.

Here's my list of the Best of Benefit:

7. They're Real! Push-up Liner

My daily look has always included a black cat-eye, spending far too long perfecting the flicks of a morning! So when Benefit released this new liner a few years ago, I was so excited. I tried it straight away and if I'm completely honest, I still really struggle to use the unique applicator tip. I've included it in my list because I know that so many people rave about this product and I would love to love it too. I think I'm just a little too stuck in my ways to re-teach myself how to do a great flick. If anyone has any advice on how to get the best out of this liner, please comment below!

6. The Kits - Luv It Up! & The Bronze of Champions

Benefit are famous for their incredible kits which compile minis of their great products. Some hold the perfect shades for a styled eye look and others complete the whole face. The two I use most often are Luv It Up! and The Bronze of Champions. Luv It Up! is a set of neutral shimmer eyeshadows with a mini of the Dandelion lip gloss. The Bronze of Champions set holds everything you need for a summer glow, from a sample of the fantastic Hoola bronzer to a mini Watt's Up! highlighter and a mini Hoola lip gloss. Another great feature of these kits is that they come with a little guide on how and where to apply each product. Also, when you have used up the whole set, the inside section pops out, leaving you with a quirky little storage box for trinkets etc.

(Luv It Up! is no longer available on the website but includes: Longwear Powder Shadow in Call My Buff, Nude Swings and Thanks A Latte, Creaseless Cream in R.S.V.P and Dandelion Ultra Plush Lip Gloss.)

5. Girl Meets Pearl

This rose gold highlighter has changed the game for me. It is a light shimmering liquid that pushes out of little holes at the top. Quick and easy to apply, just dab it onto your cheekbones, cupid's bow and centre of the nose and you have instant lift and glow. This one has lasted forever as you only need to use a tiny bit.

4. Porefessional

This beauty smoothes out the skin, hiding the appearance of pores on the nose and other problem areas. I don't tend to use this daily as it is an extra step for my already madly rushed mornings, but it's fantastic for nights out and events (especially when there will be photos). I apply the balm on my nose and T-zone as a base before applying my makeup and it works a treat!

3. Porefessional Agent Zero Shine

For all you lovelies who are always running late and arriving at meetings or uni with a...let's say...'glistening' face, this is the one for you! This loose powder has been a life saver when it comes to hiding the shine. It holds makeup in place better than any powder I've tried before and you only need a little to lock in all that hard work at the dressing table. This is also brilliant for nights out and special occasions, hiding the shine from camera flashes.

2. Ready, Set, Brow!

I got this little bottle of magic as a freebie in a magazine, otherwise I probably wouldn't have thought it necessary, but it instantly became a daily must! I tend to keep my brows quite full and long, just filling in any little gaps with a brow powder, but this does mean that they often move from where I meticulously placed the hairs that morning. This clear brow gel has been fantastic for holding them in place without looking crispy or fake. No longer do I need to decline a bear hug from the boyfriend in order to protect the brows!

1. Hoola

This is my favourite Benefit product of all time! I use this bronzing powder to contour the cheeks and add a summer glow to the face every day. Even on a no-makeup day it just gives you a super speedy pick me up. Who knows what number box I am on now, but I've just hit the sad little silver circle at the bottom again. Like/Comment below if you know what I mean! Benefit have recently released a whole new Hoola Collection which I'm definitely looking forward to testing out!

Let me know what you think of this list. Have you got any favourites that aren't on here that you think I should try? Like/Comment/Share below if you enjoyed this post and check out some of my other posts too!

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