Jacobs & Field

I'm breaking the rules a little here, as this one is venturing outside of London and back to my home town. Jacobs and Field is a little cafe/restaurant with a homely interior, based in Headington. The front half of the space is more of a cozy cafe whilst the other half is a rustic styled restaurant. There is also a little outside seating area with blankets for the chilly weather.

There is a theme of reclaimed wood and industrial style metal that runs through the whole space, with distressed wooden planks and metal pipe light fixtures. Since moving to London, we keep popping in whenever we head back home, whether for a quick coffee or an evening meal with family.

Our favourites to order are the lemon drizzle cake and the slow roast pork belly. While my mum was ill and off work for a couple of weeks a few years ago, I popped by and got some of their incredible lemon drizzle cake and a coffee to take back to her. More recently, we keep going back for the pork belly. My other half had this and almost melted in his chair, going on about it for the next few weeks...until we visited home and had it again!

I definitely recommend checking it out if you're near Oxford, or try out some of their sister restaurants across Oxfordshire.

Visit the website here!

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