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All has been a little quiet in my corner of the internet lately and it's all been down to this. We've just moved house and have spent the last two months trying to make it our own. This can be pretty hard when renting and on a low budget, but we've up-cycled and DIYed our way to a homely space. So, I thought I'd give you guys a little peek at some of the things we've done to make the house our own.

To disguise our rather over the top collection of DVDs, we picked up some great storage boxes from IKEA and TKMaxx/Homesense and labelled them using the Dymo Embossing Label Maker (A.K.A my new best friend). We also picked up this table in a charity shop a few years ago, which is why it's looking a bit worse for wear, but it works brilliantly for small spaces.

I think everybody must have an IKEA Kallax in their home, but we wanted to change it up a little to suit our needs. We added short tapered wooden legs to the bottom and built a H shelf insert, turning it into a more stylish unit, to hold our vinyl collection and entertainment bits.

We were really lucky to find a rental that already has a lovely kitchen, so we didn't have to do much customisation in here. I've just layered some useful bits and pieces across the tiles, like the gorgeous palm print tray from Sainsbury's Home, the wooden board from Flying Tiger and the marble pestle and mortar from TKMaxx.

I may have 'accidentally' claimed the spare bedroom as a bit of a walk-in-wardrobe. We got the white metal rail from IKEA for only £7 and the rose gold wire hangers are from Wilko. The plan is to change up the rail each season for whatever items I am or will be wearing regularly.

Top Tip: Space out the hangers evenly for a sleek, neat look.

As this room is also for guests to stay in, I've popped a few hotel style treats in a little tray.

A great solution for renters is to buy large frames to break up the blank space and inject some of your personality. However, we couldn't decide on what art to put in the frames, so for now I have painted some hand lettering on a big sheet of (rather cheap and now wrinkled) paper. But at least it's something more personal to us! I also saved this greenery from a bouquet we were sent in our first week here, as it is somehow surviving way after all the flowers turned. I popped it in a sweet little IKEA vase and 'voila' we have stress-free greenery in our bedroom.

Another tip to break up the white walls is to source some bedding with a print or some bold colour. We found our pretty black and white dot bedding in the Matalan sale for only £11!

This makeshift unit is one of our most involved DIYs. We bought two of the Rast chests of drawers from IKEA for £25 each and found that, when we got them home, they were about a millimetre too wide for the space. We then worked out that if we could raise them up above the skirting board, they would fit perfectly. So I went ahead and painted them in Emerald Glade by Dulux and changed the handles to some brass cup pulls.

My other half built a kind of stage, out of white furniture board, to raise up the chests over the skirting. We also covered it in some leftover marble contact paper to hide any screws. As we need it to support a lot of weight, we permanently attached the front panel, but with even better building skills this would be a great extra storage area.

Another IKEA piece that we changed up was the Dombas wardrobe. I sanded the surfaces of the doors with fine sandpaper before painting them in the same green shade.

We also changed the handles to some bronze effect hammered metal handles from Amazon.

We haven't changed very much in the bathroom as this is already a nice space but to keep it looking great I've jumped on the bandwagon of amber bottles and embossed labels.

Comment below if you have any other great tips for home decor in rental spaces and feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions about any of our DIY projects or purchases.

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