DIY: How To Make A Cutlery Roll

A big part of embarking on a low-waste journey is being prepared. Bringing your own flask, cup, straw, storage and cutlery can help you cut down or even completely replace any single-use plastics when on the go. I am a disorganised mess in the mornings, so I need quick and easy things to grab and go for the day ahead. To combat this, I was planning on buying a little cutlery set before I realised that this in itself was wasteful. I got together some old (unwearable) clothing, some spare cutlery, the sewing kit and got to work.

This is how to make your own to-go cutlery roll...

Cut out 2 identical rectangles of your chosen fabrics. One will be the lining and the other will be the outer. Also cut out a smaller rectangle to create the pocket.

(I used some white linen trousers and some patterned boho trousers, simply using the ready-cut pocket from these trousers).

Side A of both fabrics will be the ones seen at the end. You can subtly mark your desired front sides if needed.

Side B of both fabrics will be hidden on the inside of the finished product.

Position the pocket to the left of your plain fabric and stitch along the left, right and bottom sides, leaving the top free for access.

Place your chosen cutlery on top of the pocket to work out the spacing. Mark or pin where your dividing lines will need to go to hold in the cutlery.

Sew along these lines so that you have several smaller pockets.

Line up your two pieces of fabric so that both A sides are touching.

Sew all the way around to join the two sides together, leaving a little gap on one edge.

Cut strips of spare fabric to the lengths of all the edges. Using bondaweb and an iron, fold the fabric over the edges and heat until sealed. Remember to leave the gap you left when sewing as you will need to turn the piece inside-out again.

The edging is optional, but it will help to support the sewing and make it longer lasting.

Feeding the fabric through the gap, turn the piece inside out. Then stitch up the remaining gap as neatly as possible. You could also use more bondaweb to do this so no stitch can be seen.

After placing your cutlery in the pockets, fold the top edge over to cover the top of the tallest item (e.g. the straw). Then find the middle point from the folded edge to the bottom and mark this on the right hand side.

Either cut another thin scrap fabric or find something else to use as a tie. (The trousers I was repurposing already has some little ties attached, so I simply unpicked these to use even more from them). Make sure the tie will be long enough to wrap around the roll before attaching it properly. Then fold this in half and stitch through the middle point, attaching it to the marked point on your roll.

Finally, pop your cutlery back in, roll it up and you're all ready to go!

Let me know in the comments below if you try making this DIY!

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